Sizmek Launched Social Connect

Social Connect is an initiative to encourage closer cooperation with strategic social media technology companies in order to foster the growth of social media advertising.


Sizmek provides an array of social marketing tools including third-party tracking, retargeting, verification as well as rich media through Republic Project , Sizmek’s market-leading rapid rich media innovator whose creative production toolset enables the fastest deployment of Native Rich Media Posts across social sites including Facebook and Twitter.


Social Connect demonstrates Sizmek’s commitment to removing the friction points to delivering Social at scale. Social Connect will also facilitate seamless data sharing between leading PMD platforms and Sizmek’s cross-channel ad management platform, Sizmek MDX, allowing advertisers and agencies to manage performance of their social campaigns alongside their other channels.


“We are looking to expand our presence in emerging markets including APAC, EMEA and LATAM and to strengthen our market share in North America,” said Bill Masterson, Social Code, CRO.  “Sizmek is a partner whose global presence will open opportunities for us to quickly enter growing markets and to leverage our strategic social buying capabilities.”


In line with that, Sizmek will be hosting a series of social showcases for interested customers in Asia Pacific including Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Malaysia  and Japan starting in March, and a kickoff event with partners in Sydney in April.

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A Sizmek Welcome

We are thrilled to introduce you to Sizmek, a new online company formed following the sale of DG’s TV business and name. While we have a new brand, we are not new to you. You will undoubtedly be familiar with us under names such as DG, MediaMind, Eyewonder, Unicast, Peer39 and Republic Project.  Our customers around the world have come to rely on our platform, the world’s largest independent ad management platform, to solve the massive fragmentation in ad technology.


United, we are much more than a rich media provider, or a 3rd party ad server.  We are at the center of executing tens of thousands of campaigns across all digital channels to connect our agency and advertising clients and publishing partners to their audiences and consumers. We call our platform Sizmek MDX – the place where our 5,000 agency customers globally log into daily to manage and optimize all four critical elements in the ad process: media, context, content, and audience.


Like you, we are excited by the innovation in digital advertising but the sheer number of disparate buying platforms and point solutions in the industry is driving down campaign efficiency. With this in mind we have launched our “Open Ad Stack Initiative” which brings together all of the layers that comprise an advertising management platform in an integrated fashion, but with the flexibility our customers require and their customers demand.


The philosophy behind our Open Ad Stack Initiative is flexibility, which will ensure that we don’t fall into the hole of one size, fits all. While much of the technology is ours, we also open up our technology in certain areas to ensure that our customers can use their tools of choice whether a large global SEM or a local DSP specific to a region. This is the openness and appropriateness that the industry demands: overall control for agencies and advertisers, while allowing for the flexibility that each market, demographic or audience requires.


Crucially, we remain media independent; this means that all reporting, data and campaign tactics are deployed with no potential biases toward any media channel or tactic. This will allow Sizmek to continue to act as the source of truth for advertisers seeking independent verification of campaign spend and ROI.


Come and meet us anew at  Even better, reach out to your Sizmek sales, account, or client service representative to learn more.  On behalf of our 850+ employees worldwide across 48 countries, we thank you for entrusting your business to Sizmek!   I look forward to seeing you at our next customer event.




Neil Nguyen

President and CEO


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Is Online Campaigns Getting More Complicated?

In a new research done by DG MediaMind, it shows that digital marketers are managing increasingly complex online campaigns; the number of campaigns that averaged 50 or more ad versions in a single campaign has increased by 32.2 percent over the last four years. Based on online campaign data, this ‘Complexity Index’ has been edging up year over year, increasing more than 20 percent from 2010 to 2013.


Collated from Q2 data from the MediaMind platform over the last four years, the Complexity Index analyzed the main factors contributing to a campaign manager’s workload: campaigns per advertiser, number of sites campaigns ran on, placements, formats, creative variations, targeting methods, third-party tracking and conversion tags.




















Advertisers are striving to reach multiple audiences with the same campaigns or test variations of campaign messages to audiences, the research shows. Campaigns that had two to four ad versions increased from 24.6% to 29.0%, and those with 50+ ads increased from 5.4% to 6.4%.


“Agencies and campaign managers are battling with the burgeoning complexity of campaigns across multiple screens. A smart, digital platform reduces complexity and can quickly become an agency or campaign manager’s best ally,” said Ricky Liversidge, chief marketing officer, DG.  “This frees time up for campaign managers to focus on meeting campaign objectives and keeping clients happy.”


For the complete Complexity Index report, see here.



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DG MediaMind Acquires Republic Project

Republic Project is a cloud-based ad platform that enables agencies and brands  to create, deliver and measure social and  mobile rich media campaigns. With the acquisition, it solidifies the creative, targeting, retargeting and optimization capabilities that DG MediaMind offers advertisers across display, mobile and now social advertising.


Click on the image to learn more about Republic Project



Jordan Khoo, VP of APAC at DG MediaMind said he is excited to share this announcement with the agencies and advertisers in the Asia Pacific region.

“This acquisition makes a lot of sense for those who are doing multi-channel advertising campaigns on social platforms. With Asia Pacific having the largest social network user base of 777 million people, we are now capable of targeting this group by offering rich media on social sites such as Facebook and a growing list of social and mobile first publishers.”

“Our goal was to build a technology that would enable advertisers to reach their audience in a new and immersive way while providing a central hub for managing and tracking all deployed apps across various platforms,” said AJ Vernet, Republic Project CEO.  “The DG acquisition means we can fast track our solution globally, while integrating with one of the most robust advertising data hubs in the industry.”


Republic Project’s 11 employees, including CEO AJ Vernet, will join DG’s Los Angeles office.


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Case study: DG MediaMind’s Smart Trading Helps AirAsia Zest Double Target Conversions

AirAsia Zest was looking for an innovative way to build awareness, increase site visits and drive bookings –while getting the most for their advertising spend. They found the right solution in DG MediaMind’s Smart Trading service – and broke new ground in the Philippine online advertising industry.


Smart Trading is DG MediaMind’s managed service for RTB/exchange media buying. AirAsia Zest were the first advertisers in the Philippines to leverage this in-house trading team for strategy, setup and optimization of a large-scale exchange-based campaign.


AirAsia Zest wanted to target audiences with demonstrated intent to travel on a massive scale. Buying across ad networks including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Rubicon and Pubmatic, the Smart Trading team was able to achieve both optimal pricing and huge reach for this client – with outstanding ROI for the airlines.


“We applied multiple buying strategies that worked in unison to exceed AirAsia Zest’s CPA goal,” says DG MediaMind APAC Trading Sales Director Dylan Robinson. “We managed the strategy, setup and optimization which got the most out of the client’s budget and drove relevant users who converted.The end result was that Smart Trading surpassed the target KPI in less than two weeks – half the time it normally takes.”


“This multi-inventory source method maximized our budget and ensured we got the best possible price for our ads. We met our CPA goals, conversions are increasing, and the Smart Trading service and reporting have been excellent.”Del Rosario, Natalia Marie PenalosaDigital and Creative Manager, AirAsia Zest


Download the complete case study

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63% of Rich Media Ads Are Seen in Asia

In an analysis of approximately 16.1 billion rich media impressions served in Asia Pacific during the first half of 2013, we found that the average viewable rate for rich media in this region was 63.6%.






















To view more viewability data in APAC, click here to see it at Campaign Asia

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Citibank Malaysia Boosts Conversion by 40% through Smart Versioning

For financial services providers and retail banks with constantly fluctuating offers, rates and promotions, Smart Versioning can be a lifesaver. It can be used to make frequent creative refreshes and tailor key messages to the audience at hand. It also makes optimization simple for financial companies looking to find the ideal match between message and audience.







For Citibank, Smart Versioning helped cut production time in half and generated 42% higher conversions for a complex, optimized retargeting campaign it ran in Malaysia – - the first of its kind in that country.


The Citibank retargeting campaign promoted diverse benefits of using a new Citibank Reward Platinum card for shopping, dining, travel, home appliances and automotive purchases, with the goal of generating new credit card applications.


MEC Malaysia and Splash Interactive worked together to develop the campaign workflow, retargeting sequence and strategy. Consumers were served dynamically tailored ads based on behaviors of users either within the campaign banner and on the Citibank site, both before and after conversion.


Pre-conversion retargeting
Pre-conversion, users were exposed to multiple categories of the banners featuring diverse images and messages. If the user clicked on a travel-related banner, for example, and did not convert, the user was retargeted with a travel ad in subsequent impressions.


Post-conversion retargeting
Once the user signed up for the credit card, post-conversion banners were served highlighting additional benefits, reward points offered and rebates available.


In all, 87 banner versions were created using Excel Mass Versioning – all in just three days. According to Splash Interactive, a similar campaign with just 64 banner versions had taken them a full week to complete without Smart Versioning.


The team also used Smart Versioning for optimization, automatically optimizing toward versions that delivered the most clicks and leads.



Breaking new ground in Malaysia, this Smart Versioning campaign increased total conversions (request a credit card application) by 42% vs. a previous retargeting campaign that had no behavioral component.


Download this case study as PDF

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DG MediaMind Launched VPAID in Thailand

In May 2013 DG MediaMind introduced VPAID to the digital industry in Thailand.


In conjunction with the launch, we organized a Pub Night (Pub – short for Publishers) at iDarts Ekkamai and invited all the major publishers in Bangkok to join us.


Take a look at what the event was all about here:



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When and where TV-online integration makes sense






Media agencies have started to integrate online and broadcast TV teams, but does this only make sense in markets like China, where online video viewership has far outstripped TV?


Campaign Asia reached out to Conrad Tallariti, DG MediaMind’s Regional Sales Director for APAC and MENA, to get his opinions on this, here’s what he has to say:


Media, especially video, is on the precipice of immense change, where everyone with a stake in the game – service providers, content producers, device manufacturers, and advertisers – are affected.


The array of video-capable devices on the market, from feature phones to smart TVs, means the way we watch video will never be the same.


While the most popular device to watch video content on is still TV, many are switching to online and mobile technology. Mobile video is particularly prominent in Asia-Pacific, where 74 per cent of online consumers report watching video on mobile phones at least once a month, and almost 40 per cent do so at least once a day.


This trend is only going to continue to grow globally.


Integrating online and broadcast is definitely a key trend. This is now possible with the convergence of TV and online technologies and platforms, such as those provided by the recently unified DG MediaMind.


The technology infrastructures involved will slowly but surely become more readily available in this region, and we’ll start to see more multiscreen campaigns.


Is convergence only applicable to major markets like China? If anything, China as a percentage of population will linger behind smaller markets like Singapore and South Korea as the infrastructure is not there to support the shift outside the major population centres.


This article is originally posted in the Media Debate column in Campaign Asia, for full article please click here

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DG MediaMind becomes first global Rich Media Vendor for Tencent

This partnership allows global and local advertisers to reach Tencent’s 750 million users in China.










Advertisers will be able to take full control of their ad campaign by better targeting and frequency control.  Third party ad serving also provides advertisers with the true value of each media channel with a comprehensive set of campaign performance data.


“It is very exciting to see the partnership forged between Tencent and DG MediaMind. As China’s biggest portal website, we never stop looking for new ways to bring higher value to advertisers while achieving growth for our shareholders,” said Zuo Wang, Tencent Product Director. “MediaMind has been building visually impactful and engaging creative formats for thousands of advertisers globally. Adding MediaMind’s rich media technology to’s offering creates a positive chemical reaction that will help portal banner ads alongside video and social media.”


DG MediaMind technology enables advertisers to optimize campaigns and to gain actionable insights from campaign performance data.  “Global brands have been hesitant to advertise online in China due to a lack of transparency and the difficulties in campaign execution,” said Neil Nguyen, CEO and President of DG.  “QQ’s open attitude to work with an independent global digital vendor means that global campaigns will be able to extend seamlessly to the local market in China and that campaign measurement will be accessible.”


You can read the Chinese version of this article at

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